Business Strategies for Getting Paid Faster and More Profitably

Keith Sconiers / President of PaySuite

March 01, 2022

Guest Bio

Keith Sconiers / President of PaySuite

Keith Sconiers is a Portland-based entrepreneur, financial consultant and public speaker. Born on the west side of Frenso, California, Keith faced many adverse circumstances which put him in the at-risk category at a young age. Despite those difficult years, Keith was exposed to a variety of entrepreneurial role models who taught him the importance of creating your own reality. These people offered real paid work and something more - the chance to experience firsthand how small business can build people up, providing the experience and skills they need to be successful in life. In 2002, Keith accepted a full-ride scholarship to play basketball at Portland State University. After graduating, Keith struggled to transition out of the sports world. He soon realized that his true passion goes back to his roots: supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners like those who supported him. In 2016, Keith formed PaySuite, a financial services firm committed to serving the needs of businesses in the retail, restaurant, and B2B market. Today, they are recognized as a premier brand guiding businesses through the credit card processing industry. For Keith, the ability to help businesses grow and scale is a fulfillment of a life-long dream: to support, educate and advocate for entrepreneurs making a positive impact through their values, products, and services.

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