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Jenn LeBlanc / CEO and Founder of ThinkResults

April 06, 2022

Guest Bio

Jenn LeBlanc / CEO and Founder of ThinkResults

As CEO and founder of ThinkResults, Jenn works with CEOs, CMOs, and change agents to drive results. For two decades, she has been launching companies and delivering leads and revenue growth for companies of all sizes including Microsoft, Intel, PeopleSoft, SAP, Taleo, NektarTherapeutics, and hundreds of life sciences and tech startups. To date, her work has delivered over $2B in new revenue to clients. She is also the founder of Changing Tides Movement, a community organization that is dedicated to driving massive amounts of capital into the hands of women. To date, the community has grown over 300%, and Changing Tides members have raised over $20M in the last year and been featured in publications suchasTechCrunchandForbes.Jenn is known as an inspirational keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. She is the author of the #1 Amazon bestsellersLaunching for Revenue: How to launch Your Product, Service, or Company for Maximum GrowthandChanging Tides: PowerfulStrategies for Female Founders.

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