Business Without Burnout

Brittany Dixon / Founder of Brittany & Co.

April 10, 2023

Guest Bio

Brittany Dixon / Founder of Brittany & Co.

I help you build a business without burnout. Tell me if this sounds familiar - You are REALLY good at something. Like really good! And somewhere along the line you decided to jump in and become your own boss and build a business around that thing you are good at. You didn't start a business to RUN a business! You have to do A LOT of things that you are not good at to keep a business running and become successful.

I am a former Event Planner turned Professional Organizer turned Minimalist Business Strategist & Productivity Coach, that will show you that LESS IS MORE. I will hand you the roadmap you need to run your business without it running you! After you have the roadmap, I will give you the SIMPLE tools to stay organized, grow your business AND still take Fridays off!

Taking that Jumbled Mess that is in your Head, On Your Desk & On Your Laptop and Turning It Into a Beautiful Vision and Roadmap to Success and Freedom!

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