Scott Eddy / TV Host & Entrepreneur

May 08, 2019

Guest Bio

Scott Eddy / TV Host & Entrepreneur

Raised in South Florida since I was 3, did investment banking for 10 years, then lived in Europe and Asia for 17 years. While in Asia, I started the first digital agency in SE Asia, we were the biggest for 5 years, then I sold it. Then I spent the next 7 years building my personal brand, while living in 6 different countries. I came back to the US a few years ago, and now I travel full-time. My life these days consists of about 30-35 trips and 20 countries per year, also speak at 15-20 conferences. I also just signed on to be the TV host of Video Globetrotter, the new travel series coming out on Lifetime TV this Fall.

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