Logan Rae / Founder of Bacon Box

May 29, 2018

Guest Bio

Logan Rae / Founder of Bacon Box

Logan Rae is an American entrepreneur and seasoned digital marketer. At age 20, Rae along with the help of Kimberly Hruda launched a "first of its kind" company, Bacon Boxes, which created bacon roses for nationwide distribution.

In 2016, Bacon Boxes was named one of SCORE's American Small Business Champions and traveled to Texas for intensive training. Based on the success of their online store, Bacon Boxes was named "The Coolest College Startup" by Inc. Magazine in 2017. To follow in 2018, Bacon Boxes was named a "Startup to Watch" by Platform Miami.

Rae is also involved with the marketing efforts of other local companies in various industries such as Black Diamond Funding, PetsCertification.com, and CrossFit Coconut Creek to name a few.

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