Family, Flour, and Fortune: The Rise of Odette D's Edible Empire

Odette D'Aniello / CEO of Celebrity Gourmet Ventures Inc.

August 30, 2023

Guest Bio

Odette D'Aniello / CEO of Celebrity Gourmet Ventures Inc.

Meet Odette D'Aniello, the baking extraordinaire and mastermind behind Celebrity Gourmet Ventures Inc! As the unstoppable CEO of this family-owned bakery in Tacoma, WA, she's on a mission to sprinkle joy across the world, one delicious creation at a time.

Odette and her talented team whip up whimsical, edible works of art that taste as divine as they look. Their cakes and desserts are like a symphony of flavors and aesthetics, where taste meets pure beauty in a delightful dance.

But that's not all! Odette and her partner-in-crime, sister Mary Ann, embarked on an enchanting journey by acquiring Dragonfly Cakes. These adorable tea cakes and petits fours with a clean label twist have soared from local favorites to supermarket stars! You can spot them winking at you from the shelves of big names like Whole Foods and Harry & David. Talk about spreading sweetness nationwide!

Hold on, there's more frosting on this cake of accomplishments! Odette is not just a baking genius; she's also the charming host of the Celebrity Gourmet Podcast. Tune in as she spills the tea (and cake crumbs) while sharing the inspiring stories of women in the baking world.

But wait, there's even more layers to this cake! Odette's not just baking and podcasting, she's an active member of the Entrepreneur Organization in Seattle.. She's also the Entrepreneur in Residence at the U of Washington Tacoma's Milgard School of Business - she's literally turning dreams into reality, one bake at a time!

And that's not the cherry on top yet! Odette's nurturing her green thumb and her heritage with Himaya Garden, a magical spot in Tucson, Arizona. She and her daughter are sowing the seeds of their Philippine heritage while hosting incredible events that'll make your taste buds tango and your heart skip a beat.

So there you have it, the fabulous tale of Odette D'Aniello, where baking prowess meets podcasting charm, entrepreneurial spirit, and a dash of heritage love.

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