Growing a Video and Film Business

Nolan Reynolds / Founder of Solefire Films

March 08, 2023

Guest Bio

Nolan Reynolds / Founder of Solefire Films

Nolan Reynolds learned from his dad who owned and operated a video production company while he was growing up. He put a camera in Nolan's hands at about the age of 14.

Through high school, Nolan would start making all kinds of short films with friends and that's where he started to learn and appreciate editing. Nolan would continue working with his dad for several years before moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting and film.

While in California, he decided to take a chance and start his own company, Solefire Films. He found a lot of success in the wedding industry very quickly, filming about 35 weddings a year for the first few years.

Meanwhile, his mom had become a producer for PBS shows at a studio in Palm Springs and he would have a chance to work on a few of those shows with her. Then over the next nine years, he would start incorporating more corporate work into his yearly schedule and even his own short film.

Nolan has filmed well over 200 weddings and worked with a lot of great private businesses.

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