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Lizzie Mintus / Founder & CEO of Here's Waldo Recruiting

June 07, 2023

Guest Bio

Lizzie Mintus / Founder & CEO of Here's Waldo Recruiting

Lizzie Mintus is the founder and CEO of Here's Waldo Recruiting, a boutique recruiting firm with a niche focus in the video game industry. Her firm is committed to quality over quantity and values transparency, communication, and diversity. Lizzie is recognized as an ambassador for Women in Games, an organization aimed at empowering and elevating girls and women in the global gaming arena.

Here's Waldo was established during the early pandemic in July 2020. Prior to her entrepreneurial venture, Lizzie was promoted from entry level to Director of Strategic Accounts within her four years working for a recruitment agency. She was the top performer company-wide after her first year.

Lizzie strives to transform the recruitment experience, ensuring every client and candidate feels genuinely valued and understood.

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