How To Improve Business Communications

Erica Barnhart / Founder & CEO of Claxon Communication

May 31, 2023

Guest Bio

Erica Barnhart / Founder & CEO of Claxon Communication

Erica Barnhart is a communication expert, speaker, and professor on a mission to change workplaces and the world one word at a time.

She is an Associate Teaching Professor at the University of Washington and Founder and CEO of Claxon Communication, a company that teaches purpose-centered clients how to communicate with clarity and confidence so they increase awareness, revenue, and impact.

Claxon's research-based method gets clients big results in short order. Her 100+ clients have included the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Group Health Foundation, Hearing Speech and Deafness Center, King County Library System, Lake Washington Schools Foundation, PATH, Team Read, WhitePages, and Zeno Math.

She is the author of Pitchfalls: why bad pitches happen to good people and the creator of The Wordifier, a free, online tool that helps nonprofits amplify their words. She wrote the Stanford Social Innovation Review article, Great mission. Bad statement. Why the social sector should worry about words.

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