How to Mitigate Risk in Your Financial Portfolio

Kevin Campbell / Senior Financial Advisor of Peaks Financial

June 01, 2022

Guest Bio

Kevin Campbell / Senior Financial Advisor of Peaks Financial

For over a decade, Kevin has leveraged his wealth management, retirement, tax and legacy planning, and education funding savvy into helping clients tackle complex money issues and empowering them with financial literacy. His ability to quiet the noise and balance the polarization often heard in money circles has made him a frequent commentator for media outlets such as U.S. News & World Report, ABC, CBS, and Fox, among others. Kevin Campbell utilizes various investments and strategies with clients to help them pursue specific goals, a work-optional lifestyle among them. By blending a mixture of stock market tools alongside accounts with guarantees while keeping a keen eye on taxes, Kevin strives to provide his clients confidence knowing that their accounts are invested within the risk tolerance and operating efficiently. Kevin founded the firm in 2009 after exiting a successful career in technology. Kevin and his wife, Christine, have been together for 30 short wonderful years and have 2children, Lindsay & Quinn. He enjoys spending time with his family and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest.Kevin Campbell is an Investment Advisor Representative of, and advisory services are offered through USA Financial Securities Corporation, A Registered Investment Advisor. Peaks Financial is not affiliated with USA FinancialSecurities

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