How to Protect Your Money

Evan W. Turk, Esq./ Asset Protection by Design, Turk Law Group 

August 10, 2018

Guest Bio

Evan W. Turk, Esq. / Asset Protection by Design, Turk Law Group 

Evan Turk, Esq. is a lawyer dedicated to advice and planning. A former Wall Street Executive and author of Asset Protection by Design. He wrote the book on Asset Protection. He advises on various legal strategies that involve one common theme: rewarding life sacrifices. We have extensive knowledge in the areas of elder planning, government benefits, special needs, trusts and estates, and, a thorough understanding of issues related to federal and state laws, regulations and policies.

Karyn Turk, Mrs. Florida 2016 / Social Media Personality and TV Host

Karyn Turk is a former media executive. She is one of social media's most authentic personalities and a constant source of information regarding business, lifestyle, politics and the modern women. Her outreach of followers extends across all social media platforms. She was ranked #200 of the Top 250 Most Influential Business Journalists in the World by Richtopia for 2017. Karyn is recognized for her work as a journalist, commentator, and host. She is the Host of Eye On South Florida. The following she has created online and off-line has led to lots of unique opportunities, including being cast in television roles and a feature film. Karyn regularly speaks to and consults in the area of Online Personal Branding.

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