How to Run a Sustainable Fishing Business

Rich & Sena Wheeler / Founders of Sena Sea

September 22, 2022

Guest Bio

Rich & Sena Wheeler / Founders of Sena Sea

Rich and Sena Wheeler are a third-generation fishing family and work hard to bring home the very best fish.

Their goal with Sena Sea is to bring the consistent premium quality that they get to enjoy, direct to their customers...something they just can't and anywhere else.

Sena has a master's degree in nutrition and Food Science with a specialty in quantifying omega 3's in fish and determining preferred handling practices for premium quality. Rich does most of the fishing for Sena Sea, but they also source from fellow fishermen who share their high-quality standards, and commitment to sustainability.

Sena Sea are not only fishermen, they also run a small, fisherman-owned custom processing facility in Cordova, AK (60 North Seafoods) where they specialize in premium quality and traceability. This means it never leaves their hands they have complete control of their entire process.

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