Making Dough in the Franchise Pizza Business

Brad & Jennifer Langford / Owners of Oath Pizza Seattle

April 26, 2023

Guest Bio

Brad & Jennifer Langford / Owners of Oath Pizza Seattle

Brad and Jennifer Langford know good pizza; they were Papa Murphy's owners and operators for 20 years and came from a seasoned restaurant family business.

Now, the family is introducing the Pacific Northwest to Oath Pizza, the fast-growing better-for-you brand from the seaside of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.

Parents make lasting impressions on their children; that's obvious if you look at the second generation of franchise business owners, Brad and Jennifer Langford. As longtime owners of multiple Papa Murphy's locations in the Seattle area, the Langford's are now taking an "oath" to a new style of pizza, one they feel will be like nothing the Pacific Northwest has ever experienced.

The Langfords and Oath Pizza plan to make a lasting impact one pie at a time by opening three locations in the Seattle market. Developed on the seaside of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, this pizza shop is currently in 30 communities around the country and is now bound for another seaside home.

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