Mastering Mezcal: Rosalinda Mendoza's Spirit of Innovation and Tradition

Rosalinda Mezcal / Co-Founder & CEO of Mocel Mezcal

April 10, 2024

Guest Bio

Rosalinda Mezcal / Co-Founder & CEO of Mocel Mezcal

Rosalinda Mendoza co-founded Mocel with her sister, Elizabeth Mendoza, to share artisanal spirits and foster a mezcal culture in the U.S., rooted in heritage and connection. Born and raised in the Yakima Valley and the daughter of Mexican farmworker immigrants, Rosalinda and her sister have built an awardwinning mezcal brand and been featured in Forbes and VinePair. Mocel uses 400-yearold distillation methods, resulting in limited releases (e.g., 449 bottles), and has won prestigious Double Gold Medals at the esteemed San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Prior to Mocel, Rosalinda was a Senior Client Executive, where she led a global team that delivered multi-million-dollar projects to IBM clients. Before that, Rosalinda held roles in management and marketing for various organizations, including Starbucks and the Washington State Farmworker Housing Trust. Rosalinda has an MBA from the University of Washington and a B.A. in Economics from Whitman College.

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