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Jed Selter / Author of The Lion Who Flinched, President & Executive Director of Caring Clowns International

March 16, 2022

Guest Bio

Jed Selter / Author of The Lion Who Flinched, President & Executive Director of Caring Clowns International

Jed has a unique background. His perspective on relationships and heartfelt passion for people stems from an unorthodox background and life experiences. At the age of 15, Jed went to work in Spanish Harlem in New York City. In high school and college, Jed worked with deaf and blind children. After graduating from college, he spent 5 years as an Officer/ Special Agent in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations working in Intelligence in the Pentagon. Jed then pursued a management career in the industry and retired as a mid-level executive from a Fortune 50 company. Jed is the founder and president of JS Associates, Inc. Although not currently active, JS Associates helped organizations to align people's efforts with the organization's focus, create an exciting and collaborative workplace, accelerate productivity and quality improvement, and exceed customer expectations. Among his many professional accomplishments, Jed has led national initiatives and represented industry associations in resolving policy issues with numerous government agencies and the White House. Throughout his career, Jed has been a guest and keynote speaker at forums and seminars on the topics of motivation, leadership, and effective management, in addition to topics on intellectual property protection. He is an experienced facilitator and executive coach. Jed is a co-founder, President, and Executive Director of an all-volunteer charitable nonprofit, Caring Clowns International. Since its inception in 2002, CaringClowns International's members have clowned in over 35 developing countries and across the United States. In addition, the organization provides funds to other nonprofits with missions to help children in need. Caring Clowns International has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to over 50 nonprofits helping kids.

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