NIL – The Analytics Behind It

Somto Akaeze / Founder of KloutMachine

March 13, 2023

Guest Bio

Somto Akaeze / Founder of KloutMachine

As an entrepreneur, I specialize in creating solutions for all stakeholders involved in a situation. Wherever these opportunities present themselves in the world, I am ready to go. Learning and improving on how to better understand, communicate, and solve the global issues of our times.

I am the founder & CEO of KloutMachine, We are the ONLY data driven objective way to answer, "What is the value of this athlete's Name, Image & Likeness?"

Answering this question paves the way for the creation of a marketplace that is democratizing Name Image and Likeness for all collegiate Athletes. We enable athletes to leverage their platform and reach on behalf of businesses brands and individuals.

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