Profitable Pathways: Ben Hansen's Journey from Microsoft to Profitable Growth for Companies

Ben Hansen / Profit Doctor & Business Coach

December 29, 2023

Guest Bio

Ben Hansen / Profit Doctor & Business Coach

Ben Hansen is a seasoned entrepreneur and business consultant with a track record of success and impact in the consulting and staffing industry. Over the course of ten years, Ben built a nearly $12,800,000 business with 100 staff and consultants and a healthy bottom line. As the founder and president of the company, he bootstrapped the business and oversaw the sale of more than $65,000,000 in marketing and analytics services, bringing more than $6,500,000 to the bottom line. However, a series of unfortunate system shocks eventually led to the company's downfall, and Ben himself admits that he "ran out of gas."

Today, Ben consults with owners of staffing, consulting, and recruiting companies on growing profits, revenues, personal energy, and joy. He is passionate about helping children in America graduate high school ready to win at life and is committed to enrolling, training, and expanding his clients' personal and company involvement in children's charities and non-profits in the United States.

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