Roasting the Competition: Taffy Gallagher's Recipe for Business Triumph

Taffy Gallagher / Author & Marketing Consultant, Visionary of Vinland Marketplace

July 12, 2023

Guest Bio

Taffy Gallagher / Author & Marketing Consultant, Visionary of Vinland Marketplace

Taffy Gallagher is an accomplished author, entrepreneur, and marketing consultant, presently based in the charming coastal town of Poulsbo, Washington. With a passion for fostering community connections, Taffy embarked on her latest venture as the visionary behind Vinland Marketplace, a distinct main street establishment notable for its ownership of Viking Brew Coffee, handcrafted artisan grab-and-go fare, and an eclectic array of globally sourced gift imports.

Taffy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Washington State University, augmenting her experience in consumer behavior and motivation. Her pursuit of knowledge led her to recently complete a master's degree in teaching, further enhancing her holistic understanding of teaching, learning, and the value of community.

Celebrating over two decades of marriage and two (mostly raised) teenage boys, she has discovered more time to indulge in her passion of continued personal growth, frequently taking to the golf course to hone her skills or immersing herself in the pages of captivating literature. An intrepid solo traveler, she loves exploring diverse corners of the globe, broadening her horizons, and nurturing her innate curiosity.

Taffy Gallagher's multifaceted background, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to excellence serve as a testament to her dedication to both professional success and personal fulfillment.

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