Starting and Running a Successful Staffing Business with Shobi Zietlow

Shobi Zietlow / Founder & President of Referral Staffing Solutions

February 21, 2024

Guest Bio

Shobi Zietlow / Founder & President of Referral Staffing Solutions

Shobi Zietlow is the founder and president of Referral Staffing Solutions, a staffing and recruiting agency, celebrating 10 years in business!

After gaining valuable experience in the staffing industry and a degree in Supervisory Management, Shobi recognized an opportunity to create something truly impactful. Referral Staffing Solutions was born from her vision, offering tailored solutions that prioritize attitude and drive over mere skills.

As President and Owner of Referral Staffing Solutions, Shobi brings a wealth of expertise and hands on knowledge, ensuring that both employers and job seekers find lasting success. Beyond her professional endeavors, Shobi enjoys exploring the outdoors and cherishing time with her son, significant other, bonus kiddos and her beloved pups.

For partnerships and opportunities, contact Shobi Zietlow at (608) 790-9075 or via email at

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