Taking Care of Aging Parents

Lisa Mayfield / Founder of Aging Wisdom

October 12, 2022

Guest Bio

Lisa Mayfield / Founder of Aging Wisdom

Lisa Mayfield founded Aging Wisdom® in 2003, a care management practice in the Seattle area. She is a Past President of the Aging Life Care Association and is a licensed mental health counselor, geriatric mental health specialist, and certified care manager.

Lisa brings over two decades of experience assisting families navigating health and memory changes. As a trained mediator, she also helps families find common ground when they might not agree on the best approach to supporting their aging parents.

Lisa also has a passion for helping baby boomers navigate unexpected health changes and proactively plan for their future.

When not working, Lisa strives for balance through traveling, yoga, Pilates, walks, aerial yoga (she has a secret desire to one day run away and join Cirque du Soleil!), paddle boarding, and spending time with family and friends.

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