The Booming Coffee Business

Eric Mahler / CEO of Caffe Cocina Coffee Roasting Co.

July 20, 2022

Guest Bio

Eric Mahler / CEO of Caffe Cocina Coffee Roasting Co.

Thriving in the world of coffee since 2012, Eric holds Specialty Coffee Association certification and accompanies several victories in local and abroad coffee art competitions. Responsible for the flow and future of Caffe Cocina'scommercial roasting platform, E-commerce, Wholesale and Grocery Distribution... the kitchen and baking operations is a passion. Loving locally grown produce and is an active buyer at local farmers' markets he believes we are what we eat. Professionally trained through LaMarzocco Coffee Equipment Company and Zoka Coffee Roasters& Tea Co., Eric is especially skilled in selecting and preparing the most palatable coffees, "Selecting roasting profiles is difficult, and blending them is even harder. To compete and stand in the competition, you must strive to understand everything but stay objective." Eric's professional background prior to specialty coffee is in commercial banking, finance, and small business. In 2016, he was the awarded "Young Leader of the Year" award from the City of Poulsbo for his work with Caffe Cocina. In 2018, he served the Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce as Board President, and is now holding the permanent title of "Past President." Eric currently resides in Poulsbo with his Fiancé Tiffany and son, River. They enjoy hiking, camping, cooking at home, gardening, art, music, and photography.

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