The Botox Breakthrough: Changing Faces and Perceptions

Monika Mayfield / Registered Nurse, Botox Injector, & Trainer

March 13, 2024

Guest Bio

Monika Mayfield / Registered Nurse, Botox Injector, & Trainer

Monika Mayfield was a certified EMT/Firefighter in San Diego in the late 90's but moved to Washington in 1998 and pursued a nursing career.

She wanted to work in medicine while finishing school and a dermatology/plastic surgery clinic offered her the best schedule while going to school.

She fell in love with an industry that changed her views on beauty. Her passion has only grown stronger over the last 25 years as she gets to help others on their journey to be their best self.

She's gotten to travel around the US as a trainer for cosmetic injections. Now she enjoys seeing the clients she's been working with, some over 20 years, and she tries to help with anything she can to improve their health and confidence.

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Monika Mayfield