The Changing World of Child Care for Busy Business Professionals

Shenandoah Davis / CEO of Adventure Nannies

March 23, 2022

Guest Bio

Shenandoah Davis / CEO of Adventure Nannies

Shenandoah joined Adventure Nannies in 2016 as Chief Operations Officer after being initially hired as a small business consultant and transitioned into CEO in 2018. She is a frequent presenter at both the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA)and the InternationalNanny Association (INA) conferences and is also a founding member of Nanny Relief Fund. Shenandoah holds a Bachelor's degree in opera performance and English and, as a touring musician, has performed in 12 countries spanning 4 continents. In her free time, she volunteers with Rain City Rock Camp and loves reading and preparing meals for family and friends. Shenandoah lives in Tacoma with her dreamy electrician fiancé, and puppies Pawlina and Batman and rabbit Meatball.

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