Vet Tribe's Battle Plan: Equipping Veterans for the Civilian Workforce

Bill Martin / Founding Member of Vet Tribe

April 17, 2024

Guest Bio

Bill Martin / Founding Member of Vet Tribe

As a founding member of Vet Tribe, a network of veterans, military, spouses, mentors, and community members, Bill aims to empower veterans and build strong personal and professional relationships throughout every industry in and around the greater Kitsap area.

His areas of expertise include transition assistance, leadership, training development, operations management, strategic planning, program management, process improvement, team building, interdepartmental coordination, and communications.

Bill also works to build quality professional networks that support individuals with disabilities, veterans, and military spouses while working at the heart of the Workforce Development Team at Skookum Contract Services.

He has worked to design and implement employee centered career paths that lead to the upward and outward mobility of Skookum's employees.

Bill brings his 22 years of leadership and outreach experience from the US Navy to help support Skookum's ever-growing workforce and guide our employees into their career of choice.

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