Virtual Assistants: Lael Sturm's Blueprint for Business Brilliance

Lael Sturm / Founder of Ogmentor

February 14, 2024

Guest Bio

Lael Sturm / Founder of Ogmentor

Lael Sturm is the founder of Ogmentor, a virtual assistant agency specializing in placing executive assistants, marketing assistants and sales assistants into growing businesses.

Lael spun Ogmentor out of the marketing agency he ran for many years and has a long track record of success in marketing, sales and entrepreneurship. He started and exited three other companies and has worked with thousands of business leaders.

Lael has a BA from The University of Arizona and earned his Finance MBA from Columbia Business School in New York. He spent the early part of his career in the music industry and still sees lots of live music (you can spot concert posters from decades of shows he's seen on the walls of his office).

He lives in beautiful Marin County, California with his 2 children and a very big dog.

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