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Justin Smith / COO of Robertson Truck Group

August 31, 2021

Guest Bio

Justin Smith / COO of Robertson Truck Group

National Truck & Equipment Sales does not have customers, we have clients. We are not just selling you a product, we are building a life-long relationship with you and your business. We may be in the truck industry, but we are in the business of people. In order to accomplish this, we have to have product specialists and industry experts. Feel free to reach out to any of our team below with any questions.

Ohio Truck Equipment is what sets Robertson Truck Group apart from any other dealer group in Ohio. Allowing our clients the choice of any of our chassis and building it to fit your business while working with our product and truck specialists is the key to maximizing your budget. With qualified and trained team members, Ohio Truck Equipment has the capability to fabricate and assemble trucks to get your truck to work.

Robertson Truck Sales was founded in 1984 by Phil Robertson in Mount Vernon, Ohio. With only 3 trucks in inventory, Robertson Truck Sales quickly grew over the years to well over 200 trucks on the lot. Specializing in body upfitting and fabrication, Robertson Truck Sales provides its clients with the highest quality medium & heavy-duty trucks in the industry today.

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