Adam August / Founder of Batch The Cookie Company

January 16, 2021

Guest Bio

Adam August / Founder of Batch The Cookie Company

Adam August is a the co-founder of Fort Lauderdale's Batch, The Cookie Company. He is responsible for day to day operations as well as developing and executing the long term vision of being a national brand. Adam brings extensive sales experience, an operational skill set, and a figure it out mentality to the team.

In 2015, after working in sales for the Miami Dolphins and running the operations for a startup fitness company, a chance encounter with Charles Schwab Jr. on a ski trip in Chile, led Adam to move to Appleton, Wisconsin to save Scolding Locks. Scolding Locks is a 100-year-old bobby pin manufacturing company that was on the verge of bankruptcy and putting 13 employees out of a job. Having no experience in manufacturing, Adam had to figure it out, and figure it out fast. In just 10 months, he managed to double the customer base, reduce the company debt in half, change the manufacturing process to reduce the amount of inventory, repair fractured relationships with key vendors, and save the jobs of 13 employees.

One Wisconsin winter was enough for Adam, so he decided to move back home to the Bay Area and break into the startup world. He landed a job with one of the hottest cybersecurity startups, HackerOne. There, he quickly became the top producing sales development rep because of his creative and persistent approach. Adam's success caught the eye of GrowthX, a Venture Capital firm specializing in investing in seed stage startups. They recruited Adam to join one of their portfolio companies, Aptology, as the first sales rep.

In just one year of operation, Adam has built Batch into a profitable business. After posting store revenues of $530k with a net profit of 27.5%, Batch is currently in lease negotiations to open a second location funded from net operating profit. The plan is to have three corporate stores by the beginning of 2022 before franchising.

Unconventional is one way to describe Adam's career path. However, it has taught him that he thrives in unfamiliar situations. His ability to adapt, overcome obstacles, and maintain a level of self-belief is what has led him to be successful at each stage of his career. And it is those qualities that will enable him to grow Batch to a nationally recognized brand and turn the purchase and renovation of NE 1st Ave into a successful project that will impact the future growth of Hallandale.

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