The Secret to Endurance Running

John Mactangay / Founder of Hopportunities

May 18, 2021

Guest Bio

John Mactangay / Founder of Hopportunities

- Born and Raised Staten Island New York

- Graduated with a degree in Finance from the University of Scranton

- Moved to South Florida in 2002

- Worked various jobs in retail and hospitality for a few years before landing at Enterprise Rent A Car

- After a few years was recruited to work at State Farm Insurance

- 2011 Opened up a GreatFlorida Insurance Franchise in Delray Beach

- November 2019 Soft Opened Up Hopportunties. Self Serve Craft beer and Wine Hall. Grand Opened Feb 2021

- April of 2021 Opened up Lola's Food Truck Filipino American Fusion

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