#211 - Honor & Integrity Will Get You Far with Ashley Gaffoglio

Ashley Gaffoglio / CEO of The Bikini Block, Owner/Broker of DECO Realty Group

July 27, 2022

Guest Bio

Ashley Gaffoglio / CEO of The Bikini Block, Owner/Broker of DECO Realty Group

Broker/Owner of Deco Realty Group, since 2015. A woman-owned company with all women real estate agents. I have been in the real estate business for over 10 years and started my own company 7 years ago.


Founder and CEO of The Bikini Block, since 2018. An all women company from production to point of sale. I own the company with my two sisters, our manufacturers are owned and operated by a mother/daughter team in Brazil. We take pride in our quality fabric, our affordable prices and creating bikinis with exceptional comfort and functionality. Our company takes pride in donating a portion of our proceeds for the purpose of cleaning beaches.


Founder and President of (501c3) Bikini Block Beach Clean Up . Based in Palm Beach County we have proudly coordinated over 15 beach clean ups throughout South Florida. Our most notable beach clean ups have occurred on International Kindness Day. That event is held in Delray Beach and this year's event is scheduled for November 12. Last year we had over 100 high school girls competing and participating in an Act of Kindness Competition. We gave away $4000 in cash prizes to who we considered performed the most thoughtful acts. Separately over 200 people participated in the ensuing beach clean-up and we removed over 100 pounds of trash.


Empowering women

As long as I can remember, I have always believed that it is the responsibility of women to assist and empower other women. Over the last three years I have been lucky enough to be in a position to take a leadership position in this principle. In a recent event, we brought in 60 of the better high school female beach volleyball players to compete in a two-day tournament. We arranged for six college coaches/scouts to come for the weekend and evaluate these girls for the purposes of offering them scholarships. In addition, we sponsored a half day training session for the women with the coaches before the competition.

During another event, we arranged for paramedics to come to the beach and hold CPR certification classes. During that event over 60 high school girls became certified which is now a requirement for graduation in the state of Florida.

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