#213 - It Starts With You with Tamika Bickham

Tamika Bickham / Founder of TB Media Group

August 30, 2022

Guest Bio

Tamika Bickham / Founder of TB Media Group

Tamika Bickham is the Founder and Chief Storyteller of TB Media Group, a video podcaster, and an award-winning TV journalist and on-camera host.

In 2014, she painstakingly walked away from the career she worked so hard for — her career as a journalist in local TV news. By accident, she turned her love of telling stories into a full time business. On purpose, she runs a video and content marketing agency which tells visual stories for health & happiness brands.

Why health and happiness? Tamika experienced her own set of life-changing events in 2018, from getting laid off, to the unexpected death of a loved one, and scary autoimmune symptoms. Today, her agency amplifies the voices of healthy, happy, and purpose-driven brands through visual content and authentic storytelling, building organic connections with their audiences.

In addition to her work with TB Media Group, Tamika continues to appear as a spokesperson and on-camera host. She also trains others how to speak on-camera and share their story.

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