All About Travel Hacking with Eli the Travel Guy

Eli "The Travel Guy" Facenda / Founder of Freedom Travel Systems

April 19, 2023

Guest Bio

Eli "The Travel Guy" Facenda / Founder of Freedom Travel Systems

Eli 'The Travel Guy' Facenda is a travel loving entrepreneur based in Austin, Texas.

Eli has visited 35 different countries over the last 3 year while growing two businesses and Is passionate about helping entrepreneurs experience more freedom through leveraging credit.

He effectively leveraged business credit to grow both companies. One, a multi 7-figure International tour company and the other a consulting business that helps other entrepreneurs leverage credit for free luxury travel and business growth.

In 2021 alone, Eli has been a full time nomad and has flown on nearly 50 flights for free, many of which have been first class. He has additionally gotten 40+ nights in hotels for free...equating to over $40,000 In free travel this year alone.

He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs use credit to start/scale businesses, create new investment opportunities, and enjoy tons of free luxury travel! Eli has shared this on dozens of podcasts and interviews to date.

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Eli The Travel Guy