Outperform the Wine Competition with Enolytics

Cathy Huyghe / Co-Founder of Enolytics

February 16, 2024

Guest Bio

Cathy Huyghe / Co-Founder of Enolytics

Cathy Huyghe is an entrepreneur, writer and mindfulness proponent. She is the co-founder of Enolytics, a technology-centric disruptor and provider of business analytics solutions for the wine industry. She writes about the business and politics of the wine industry for Forbes, and she also co-creates the content for A Balanced Glass, a community dedicated to wellness in the wine and spirits world. All three of those ventures have been recognized for their innovative contributions. She also founded the Harvard Alumni in Wine and Food (HAWF) Shared Interest Group, and in 2021 Huyghe was named one of the industry's Most Inspiring People by the Wine Industry Network. In 2022 she was nominated as Innovator of the Year by Wine Enthusiast magazine. Huyghe's most recent work involves thought leadership speaking engagements around the world, particularly on the subject of innovation and AI for the wine industry.

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