Courtney Jared Bannan

February 21, 2024

How to Become a Mindful Entrepreneur

Courtney Jared Bannan / Distinguished Attorney, Law Professor, Author, & Speaker

Courtney Jared Bannan is a trailblazing figure in the legal world, recognized for her visionary leadership and multifaceted expertise. With a Juris Doctor degree in International and Comparative Law and a Bachelor of...



February 16, 2024

Outperform the Wine Competition with Enolytics

Cathy Huyghe / Co-Founder of Enolytics

Cathy Huyghe is an entrepreneur, writer and mindfulness proponent. She is the co-founder of Enolytics, a technology-centric disruptor and provider of business analytics solutions for the wine industry.


VSS Capital Partners

February 15, 2024

All About Private Equity with Jordan Margolin

Jordan Margolin / Head of Business Development at VSS Capital Partners

Jordan Margolin joined VSS Capital Partners in 2021 to lead the firm’s business development efforts. Responsible for identifying and evaluating investment opportunities, Jordan focuses his efforts on deal origination,...



January 23, 2024

Revitalizing the Pharmaceutical Industry with AJ Asgari

AJ Asgari / CEO & Founder of Drugstore2Door

AJ Asgari is a highly accomplished individual with a diverse range of professional experiences. He is a licensed doctor of pharmacy and the owner of multiple pharmacies.



January 23, 2024

Upgrade Your Digital Marketing with Specificity

Jason Wood / CEO of Specificity

Meet Jason A. Wood, a dynamic force in digital marketing renowned for his disruptive approach to technology and strategy. As the CEO of Specificity, a cutting-edge digital marketing firm, Jason leads a team dedicated to...


Envision Office Solutions

December 13, 2023

How to Furnish the Perfect Office Space

Casey Robinson / Owner of Envision Office Solutions

Hi, I am Casey Robinson, Owner of Envision Office Solutions in Milton GA. As a 2nd generation family business, we have been around since 1988 when Wayne Robinson started the company.


Dr. Greg Pursley

December 06, 2023

Fix Your Belief Systems with Dr. Greg

Dr. Greg Pursley / Founder of Fix Your BS, Author, Speaker, & Belief System Expert

Meet Dr. Greg Pursley, affectionately known as Dr. G, a true catalyst for personal growth and transformation. With an ambitious mission to impact the lives of 1 million individuals, Dr. G is a firm believer in the...


The Dentist CEO

December 06, 2023

Converting Patients to Revenue with The Dentist CEO

Dr. Bobby Grossi / Founder of The Dentist CEO

Dr. Bobby Grossi is a compassionate dentist, motivational speaker, and author committed to making a positive impact in the lives of others.


Jake Kauffman

November 29, 2023

Change Your Beliefs About Yourself with Jake Kauffman

Jake Kauffman / International Transformation Coach & Spiritual Mentor

Jake Kauffman is an International Transformation Coach & Spiritual Mentor to purpose driven, visionary men & entrepreneurs who are seeking to grow in their life and leadership.


Frame Wealth Partners

November 28, 2023

Make Your Money Work For You with Frame Wealth Partners

Morgan Watson & Jay Duffy / Co-Founders & Managing Partners of Frame Wealth Partners

Frame Wealth Partners was born from a simple yet revolutionary idea: people deserve smarter, personalized financial planning, not just product sales. We believe in delivering advice that truly adds value to your life, all...


The Crypto Merchant

October 27, 2023

Keep Your Crypto Secure with The Crypto Merchant

Mark Venables / CEO of the Crypto Merchant

Mark Venables is a versatile entrepreneur who has excelled in multiple industries, including acquiring The Crypto Merchant, North America's largest reseller of crypto cold wallets.


Jacob K. Mead

October 27, 2023

Take Control of Your Most Valuable Asset with Jacob K. Mead

Jacob K. Mead / Business Coach, Founder & CEO of Mobile Spot

Jacob K. Mead is a seasoned entrepreneur, business coach, and the founder & CEO of Mobile Spot, a rapidly growing technology company that specializes in mobile device repair services.


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