Becoming a Celebrity Hair Stylist with Melissa Scott

Melissa Scott / Founder & CEO of Melissa's Creations

July 21, 2023

Guest Bio

Melissa Scott / Founder & CEO of Melissa's Creations

Melissa Scott is a celebrity Loctician and a highly exceptional hairstylist with over 20 years of experience. She made tremendous contributions in the improvement of the craft and developing ground breaking techniques that gives her clients healthier loc's within a shorter maturation timeframe. With a keen interest in empowering others, she has also created several training materials used to educate those who also have an interest in styling and retwisting loc's.

Melissa began her career in 1999 in Jacksonville, Florida, but took her career to a professional level in 2005. Although she had great expertise in braiding and was very skilled, her ambition to become a professional in this area was slightly derailed after she developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in 2009. Her resilience and determination to succeed caused her to pivot and specialize in Loc twisting and styling. In retrospect, this switch marked a genuine turn in her career that changed the life of her and her three children for the better.

In 2011, Melissa decided to take her career to the next level when she noticed an increased demand for quality products that are free of chemicals and additives. This inspired her to develop a unique formula for loc maintenance using the finest herbs and oils. She started using her products on her clients, and they loved it! Loc Em Up hair products soon after became a must have for those looking to produce stronger, softer, and long-lasting loc's. She, shortly after, branched out by adding a few more 'customer favorites' to her collection including products such as New Edgz and Spray-N-Go Loc Refreshener.

All the products in the the Loc Em Up collection are 100% Natural and provides a natural loc solution for maintaining and refreshing loc's, while adding moisture. Her best seller and customer favorite Loc Em Up Solution has been proven to speed up the loc process in just six to eight weeks while ensuring that the hair is adequately moisturized and build-up free.

In October 2021, Mellisa celebrate the grand opening of her salon suite, Diamond Salon Suites located in Jonesboro, Georgia. She strongly believes that "Salon Suites are the future of salons. They help brand owners turn hustles into businesses and both educate and empower them to grow."

As an affluent entrepreneur and well known pillar in her community, Melissa is armed with the knowledge of how to create a successful business doing something she loves.

Her products are a sensation in the hair industry, and she has established many wholesale relationships with local hairstylists and salon owners. Loc Em Up can now be found in select beauty supply stores across the southeast. But it doesn't end there; with the success of this business, Melissa now works towards passing on her knowledge and spending more time in her lab developing and expanding her product line.

Melissa Scott has enjoyed a fulfilling and fantastic career. She has achieved a remarkable feat in the hair industry, both as a stylist and as a beauty brand owner. She has worked with top celebrities, including 2 Chainz, Polow Da Don, and T.I. She has also held the most coveted position as a Platform Artist for the well known Bronner Brother's Hair Show.

With pure grit, dedication, commitment and intense passion, Melissa Scott (of Melissa's Creation) has grown her brand immensely and now has her name on the lips of every member of the loc community.

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