Becoming an Effective Leader with Mark Silverman

Mark Silverman / Executive Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, & Author

May 12, 2023

Guest Bio

Mark Silverman / Executive Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, & Author

Mark Silverman came to Coaching and Speaking after a successful career in technology, where he generated over $90,000,000 for fast-growing startups by bringing together exectutives, technical leaders and stakeholders to close complex multimillion-dollar sales.

Mark is no stranger to overcoming adversity and mastering his own overwhelm. When he was 27, he was homeless, 135lbs, and living in his truck. By the time he was 33, he was a millionaire. Mark is on a mission to take the lessons learned along the way, paired with his business acumen, to help others define and achieve their own successes.

Mark is the author of Only 10s 2.0 - Confront Your To-Do List Transform Your Life," which has sold over 75,000 copies to date. He is the host of the "Mastering Overwhelm - How to Thrive in Business, Relationship and Life" podcast and is currently working on his third book, "The Rising Leader Handbook."

Value for Your Organization

The skills that create high achievers are not the same needed to be an effective leader.

As leaders rise, the expansion of their responsibilities, as well as Business, Personal and Societal stresses, can converge to make focus almost impossible. The job needs to get done. The team needs to be coached. Families need our attention. Our health must be a priority. But how?

Whether it is a 20 Minute Keynote or 3 Hour Workshop, your team will leave with actionable insights and tools that will help them better lead in their business and life.

Mark will help your team uplevel their leadership perspective and change their relationship with overwhelm forever.

High Achiever Does Not Equal Effective Leader

- Leading You - Creating yourself before creating results
- Leading In a Peer Group - Creating a culture of support and trust
- Leading Your Team - Mastering success through others
- Leading up - Learn to lead, follow, speak truth to power while being the ultimate team player

Mastering Overwhelm

- Your to-do list is killing you
- The top 3 things leaders do to create overwhelm for themselves
- The undercounted cost of overwhelm
- The conversations you need to learn to change your life
- How to talk yourself off the ledge

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