Boca Raton Episode 1 - Janice Haley - Tone-y-Bands

Janice Haley / Founder & CEO of Tone-y-Bands

April 24, 2018

Guest Bio

Janice Haley / CEO & Founder of Tone-y-Bands

Janice Haley is the CEO & Founder of Tone-y-Bands, a fitness company that markets innovative wrist weights. Janice has a passion for and develops products that help people fit fitness in to their busy lives through incremental changes to their daily routines. Janice has over 30 years of strategic and tactical expertise in manufacturing operations, business development, sales, marketing, and public relations.

Tone-y-Bands recently launched on QVC with two successful airings and more to come. Tone-y-Bands has been selected for innovative programs on Amazon launchpad and was awarded an FAU Tech Runway grant and mentorship. During the year at FAU, Tone-y-Bands finalized 3 patents, reduced production expenses, introduced new products and packaging, and grew sales through a website redesign and launch on Amazon Launchpad. Tone-y-Bands won the Innovateher Award for Palm Beach County and was a semi-finalist for Sup-X and the FAU Business Plan Competition. Tone-y-Bands has been featured around the country on Revenge Body with the Kardashians, CBS, Fox, and locally in the Sun Sentinel, Miami Herald, and Boca Raton Observer. Tone-y-Bands innovative wrist weights are used by celebrity trainers and fitness leaders in their studios, online classes, and DVDs. Janice is an FAU Tech Runway mentor to other startups.

Janice was recently awarded as one of the Top Ten Women-Led Startups in Florida by The Commonwealth Institute. A serial entrepreneur, Janice co-founded Celsius with her husband Steve Haley. Together they grew Celsius to $12m in sales and rang the bell when it was listed on Nasdaq. This category-creating beverage company won over 13 awards for Best New Beverage and Best New Health Initiative and was featured on over 1000 newscasts on NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, and independents in all US markets, and on Food Network Unwrapped, NBC Today Show, The Doctors, and Extra, and internationally. Celsius was available in over 30,000 locations in most retail channels and numerous countries.

Prior to Celsius, Janice worked in the ERP software industry with hundreds of manufacturers to evaluate their business processes for production, operations, supply chain management, sales, and accounting to strategize on the best way to implement software to increase operational efficiencies and profitability. She was featured in Fortune Magazine: Women Move Up in Manufacturing which featured the Top Ten Women in the Manufacturing Industry. She began her career with hands-on experience working on the production floor of ITT, and then at Honeywell selling to the military with a Top Secret clearance.

Janice has a BA in Marketing from the University of Florida. She served as President of APICS, and is a certified AFAA personal trainer.

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