Changing Your Money Story with Sara Bronson

Sara Bronson / CEO & Founder of Amani Financial LLC

March 07, 2023

Guest Bio

Sara Bronson / CEO & Founder of Amani Financial LLC

Sara Bronson is the CEO and founder of Amani Financial LLC, a company dedicated to empowering small business owners to build profitable businesses, keep more cash in their pockets, and achieve the wealth they desire.

Amani Financial's services are designed to increase the success rate of small businesses through an educational approach that prioritizes making conversations about money more inclusive and accessible.

Sara's own journey to financial literacy began when she started her first business. Despite being raised with the belief that women didn't need to worry about money and just needed a good education and a husband, she lacked the skills to successfully manage her first business and eventually found herself in bankruptcy court a few years later. Following the advice of her attorney, Sara realized the importance of financial literacy and studied the habits of wealthy people. By combining her accounting skills with these newly developed healthy money habits, Sara was able to pay off her debt and purchase a home in less than 7 years.

For over 30 years, Amani Financial has been a trusted advisor to early 6 and 7-figure business owners who are ready to take command of their finances, build long-term sustainable businesses, and create the lives of their dreams.

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