Ep. 180 - Toney Freeman - Finding Success Through Adversity

Toney Freeman / Top Ranked IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

April 24, 2019

Guest Bio

Toney Freeman / Top Ranked IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

Toney Freeman is a top ranked IFBB professional bodybuilder since 2002. Freeman's nickname is The X-Man because his body characterizes the "X-frame" of classical bodybuilding. His amateur career started in 1993 where he went on to win the super heavy weight and overall champion title of the NPC Nationals, which propelled him into the professional ranks. Toney is a true ambassador to the sport. He currently has competed in over 70 pro shows, which include 7 Professional wins and top 5 placing's in Mr. Olympia and top 3 in The Arnold Classic. During his career he has been on the cover and featured in many national and international magazines such as Flex, Muscular development and Muscle and Fitness. In addition he has traveled around the world doing appearances and seminars.

With over 25 years experience in the health and fitness industry, Toney has been very successful as a personal trainer and coach and competitor. Being the one of the tallest competitive bodybuilders, he understands the challenges that go along with building muscle on a taller frame and how to avoid injury. Focusing on longevity and total fitness on the inside as well as the outside. He has extensive knowledge of variety of techniques to achieve the desired result. Toney's approach is to assess the current level of health and fitness and build a protocol designed towards the client's goals.

Being a competitor himself Toney's philosophy is based on getting results for decades and the never-ending desire to achieve total health and fitness at the highest level. Over the years he has built a foundation based on facts and actual experiences weather it be personal or with clients. He has consistently addressed the challenges of overcoming injuries, gaining and maintaining muscle, controlling and eliminating excess body fat, proper hydration, organ and brain function.

Toney is a problem solver with unlimited resources, extensive knowledge and understanding of the human body. He utilizes old school techniques as well as the latest cutting edge technologies that are available. He is well known as a pioneer for his age defying ability to maintain a high level of fitness regardless of age.

Toney's initial introduction into network marketing was back in 1996. It was during this time he was introduced to our very own Greg Amerman and his amazing edutainment style training. Being focused on becoming the best bodybuilder he could possible be his focus was not 100 % on building a business but more so on the products. This mindset can lead one on a journey of that of a wonderer. Going from company to company experiencing the typical ups and downs of the industry. Being somewhat of a perfectionist this emotional and financial rollercoaster has foraged him into a man of experience and wisdom. After an unexpected injury in early 2016 Freeman came face to face with the decision to try to continue or retire from the sport of bodybuilding at the early age of 50. This was a major turning point or crossroad if you will. One day in July of 2017, while standing in his garage feeling dejected and lost quite frankly. After months of soul searching and minimal to no income he had a moment of clarity. He remembered these words…"happiness is a choice". In that moment he decided to be happy no matter what his circumstances. A short time later he was invited by the Mark and Judy Willodson look at a start-up company that was looking for investors. As he was sitting there listening to the various speakers who were leaders and top money earners in the industry, his imagination started to run wild. He couldn't help but feel as if he was at a tryout for the Justice League. The stories of success and failure these people were sharing reminded him of his own journey of high's and low's. He began to wonder what could possibly draw all these pillars of excellence to this particular place in time. Moments later he got his answer. One by one, the words of each speaker resonated in his mind as they were all edifying and exalting one individual… Mr. Robert Oblon. As Robert began to speak the very first sentence out of his mouth was a question. "are you happy?". In that instant he knew he was in the right place at the right time. Robert proceeded to reveal his vision of propelling this company to the top of the direct selling industry. Right then he decided to be apart of this great revolution and evolution. With the help and guidance of his mentor's, leader's and fellow Elepreneur's, we have built a team that we all can be proud of. Starting January 2018 with a lot of hard work and dedication in just a few short months the Freeman's have blown through several the ranks and are now Crown Ambassador's.

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