Ep. 4 - Steven Fleisher - Two Degrees

Steven Fleisher / Founder & CEO of Two Degrees

May 01, 2018

Guest Bio

Steven Fleisher / Founder & CEO of Two Degrees

Steven has more than a decade of experience in mobile application development, accelerated when the App Store launched in 2008. He produced one of the most downloaded entertainment apps in the App Store, reaching #1 on top charts in 2009. Steven has worked alongside some of the industry's most knowledgeable tech entrepreneurs and is enthusiastic about disruptive technology platforms.

His latest venture is Two Degrees, an app that connects the world through mutual friends, creating a socially driven marketplace that allows businesses to establish and build relationships directly with the friends of their customers, using the customer as a (mutual-friend) gateway to engage the second-degree friend.

Steven found a problem with traditional social networks in that they only connect users with friends, creating closed circles that stop at first-degree relationships. These platforms discourage users from connecting beyond their established network, whereas Two Degrees does just the opposite.

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