Episode 200 – Zach Zelner – It’s Not Doing It First; It’s Doing It Better

Zach Zelner / PupSocks

August 26, 2019

Guest Bio

Zach Zelner / PupSocks

Zach is a serial entrepreneur who started his first company at the age of 17. His track record includes the launch of a fully-bootstrapped cookie delivery startup out of his apartment in 2012 which he then grew to 3 locations across Florida with over 100 employees until he sold it in 2018. Zach also founded DocMJ in 2016, a chain of medical cannabis certification clinics which grew to 15 locations across Florida and provided patient access to life-changing medical cannabis as the market leader (and over 50% of mature market share) before it was acquired by an out-of-market competitor.

Zach then launched PupSocks in 2017 which scaled from 0 to $8M in sales in a 30 day span and has grown dramatically since. Most recently, Zach has launched Purafina, a premium pet supplement and closed a $1.4M seed round of funding to scale the venture. His background is as a proven leader in going from nothing to something.

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