Fix Your Belief Systems with Dr. Greg

Dr. Greg Pursley / Founder of Fix Your BS, Author, Speaker, & Belief System Expert

December 06, 2023

Guest Bio

Dr. Greg Pursley / Founder of Fix Your BS, Author, Speaker, & Belief System Expert

Meet Dr. Greg Pursley, affectionately known as Dr. G, a true catalyst for personal growth and transformation. With an ambitious mission to impact the lives of 1 million individuals, Dr. G is a firm believer in the incredible power of our Belief Systems. Through his Fix Your B.S. Academy and bestselling book, "Fix Your BS (Belief Systems)," he empowers people to set and surpass their goals rapidly.

At 23 years old he graduated as a Chiropractic Physician with the goal of becoming a multimillionaire by 30 years old. That goal was put on hold with the birth of his second child who was born with dwarfism and required 8 years of life support.

During this time Dr. G faced adversity and struggle in every area of his life including his relationships, business/career, finances, health, and belief/faith. (The 5 Pillars)

In 2018, as his child's health improved, Dr. G re-evaluated his life in all 5 pillars, and realized he could not keep going in the direction he was going, so he figured out how to recreate his life in to something he loves to live instead of has to live. This is where Fix Your B.S. was born.

Fix Your B.S. is all about helping entrepreneurs and business people improve the quality of their life in each pillar with simple, easy to follow, and logical steps.

If you're ready to take the leap and elevate your life or business to new heights, Dr. G is the person you need to talk to. With his guidance, you'll be amazed at the significant changes you can make and the success you can achieve. Don't let frustration and limiting beliefs hold you back any longer - embrace the opportunity to work with Dr. Greg Pursley and unlock your true potential.

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