How to Succeed Against All Odds with Richard Lovatt

Richard Lovatt / Founder & CEO of Closed and Paid

June 05, 2023

Guest Bio

Richard Lovatt / Founder & CEO of Closed and Paid

Richard John Lovatt is a British-born actor who defied the odds and took Bollywood by storm. Armed with a background in acting, Richard now applies hos expertise to the top 1% of entrepreneurs and businesses as a closer manager and top sales performer for an 8-figure sales organization.

Richard's unconventional approach to sales doesn't involve the same tired tactics everyone else is using. Instead, he brings high-level frame tactics and competency to help his clients stand out from the competition. But Richard's journey to success wasn't an easy one. Despite earning a degree in film and TV, he struggled to land desirable roles and instead became a UK-based personal trainer known for his social media antics. It wasn't until he moved to India and worked for a company that trained stars and celebrities that he found his passion for acting and became the first British white man to land a starring role in a Bollywood film. After discovering a video that sparked his interest in closer agencies, Richard went on to become a highly successful coach in content creation and high-ticket sales. His story is a testament to perseverance and passion, making him an industry trailblazer worth listening to.

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Richard Lovatt