How to Successfully Exit Your Business

Tom Raymond / Serial Entrepreneur

January 20, 2023

Guest Bio

Tom Raymond / Serial Entrepreneur

I grew up in the Philadelphia area and went to College at Pace University in New York where I played Division 1 baseball. After college, I became a successful IT recruiter (headhunter) until I became bored with that at 28 and took a year off and hiked the Appalachian Trail.

The Appalachian Trail experience put a lot of things in perspective for me and I decided I was going to bet on myself moving forward. I taught myself computers and then started Indigo Technologies in 2003 which provided Tech services to small & medium size businesses. We sold Indigo at end of 2009 and I stayed on to transition the business for 18 months.

I then spent 2011-2013 as a Technology consultant helping businesses move their infrastructure to the cloud and then started Talking Stick Technology in 2013 and kept growing it until we sold in August of 2022 where I am now in my 18 month transition role with them.

The next chapter is about to be written but I have also been a real estate investor for the last 10 years as well building assets in the real estate world too.

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Tom Raymond