Make Your Dreams Come True with Ted McGrath

Ted McGrath / Theater Performer, Speaker, & Best-Selling Author

January 09, 2023

Guest Bio

Ted McGrath / Theater Performer, Speaker, & Best-Selling Author

You're here because you're tired. You're tired of being forced to play by the rules of an industry that doesn't want to accept you as you are, or give you what you need to succeed in it.

You're tired of being shoved into a box you didn't create in order to get success that you didn't define. You're tired of being shoved and smushed and crunched by everyone around you who want you to fit into these boxes simply because they've been trained to accept them as "right."

You're here because you know that there's a place where you can dream big dreams and get the tools you need to make them happen. You're here because you're looking for a place where you're not alone. Where you're not discouraged, where you're not beaten down. You're looking for a place to be celebrated.

I've been you. I've had people try to force me into the 4 suffocating walls of their making and tell me that this is success. I've had the world try to train me that dreams are for dreamers, and success is for those who will follow the arbitrary rules that have been put in place to keep people just like you & me right where we are. I've been told that I can't do something simply because it's never been done before. And every single time I've broken through because I know one thing to be irrefutably true… We are what we dream.

The world wants to tell you that you can't charge ultra-high fees for consulting - I charge over $200,000 per client.
The world wants to tell you that you can't write, produce and star in your own show - I created a smash hit 1-man show.
The world wants to tell you that you can't impact the world - Yet people travel from 23+ countries just to learn what I know.

I've destroyed those golden handcuffs and those gilded chains and now I dictate my future.

And when you take my hand… I'll show you how to break through your chains, too.

Together we'll build a community of future-thinkers who are intent on breaking through the bonds of existing industry and tradition to create a level playing field.

Where everyone has the right and the ability to think outside the boxes and cages, do the impossible, and innovate in ways you've always dreamed of.

Here, we'll build your income to reach the security you desperately crave in the midst of the chaotic world we live in so you can finally get ahead.

Whether you need more knowledge, more skills, or more confidence to take hold of your dreams and bring them to reality - I'm here to unlock the access that's been hidden from you for so long.

The education. The empowerment. The close-held secrets of industries that frankly don't want you to succeed unless it's on their terms. The tools you need to take the first step, and the next, and the one after that.

They're all at your disposal here in this community that celebrates when walls come down, when boxes are destroyed, when cages are unlocked.

Who lifts you up instead of forces you to stay small.

The world will know we were here. And until then, we're going to succeed even if they've told us that we can't.

We're going to do what we love in a way that forces us to push our own boundaries to reach new heights. We're going to demand from ourselves what others didn't allow us to give.

We'll build new structures to replace the crumbling traditions that no longer serve us. Ones that don't require us to live in a fancy cage, playing by rules that leave the majority behind.

We're going to rewrite the future of the world and they will never forget us.

Are you ready to finally be free to create your own industry, write the new rules, and band together with those who will encourage you to do the things that scare you every single day?

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Ted McGrath