Revitalizing the Pharmaceutical Industry with AJ Asgari

AJ Asgari / CEO & Founder of Drugstore2Door

January 23, 2024

Guest Bio

AJ Asgari / CEO & Founder of Drugstore2Door

AJ Asgari is a highly accomplished individual with a diverse range of professional experiences. He is a licensed doctor of pharmacy and the owner of multiple pharmacies. Additionally, he is a successful real estate investor and bank owner. He is a husband and a father, but also a dedicated entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others reach their full potential. As the founder and CEO of Drugstore2Door, he is dedicated to making healthcare more accessible and convenient for people through independent pharmacy. With his wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of pharmacy and business, AJ is a true leader and hyper focused on elevating everyone he meets.

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AJ Asgari