Take Control of Your Most Valuable Asset with Jacob K. Mead

Jacob K. Mead / Business Coach, Founder & CEO of Mobile Spot

October 27, 2023

Guest Bio

Jacob K. Mead / Business Coach, Founder & CEO of Mobile Spot

Jacob K. Mead is a seasoned entrepreneur, business coach, and the founder & CEO of Mobile Spot, a rapidly growing technology company that specializes in mobile device repair services. Under his leadership, Mobile Spot has achieved remarkable success, growing to 1M in revenue in just 36 months, while receiving several "Best Of Des Moines" awards.

In addition to his work at Mobile Spot, Jacob is also an accomplished author, podcast host, and speaker. His popular podcast, Buy Time, focuses on helping entrepreneurs and business owners learn how to reclaim their time and achieve greater success.

As a sought-after speaker and business coach, Jacob has helped countless entrepreneurs and business leaders develop the skills and strategies they need to build successful businesses and leaders. With a passion for helping others succeed, Jacob is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise with those who are committed to achieving their goals. Whether through his podcast, his coaching and consulting work, or his speaking engagements, Jacob is committed to helping entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their full potential, buy time and live their best lives

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Jacob K Mead