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Bill Falconer / Founder & Chief Executive of Live Oak Caregivers

August 05, 2022

Guest Bio

Bill Falconer / Founder & Chief Executive of Live Oak Caregivers

Bill Falconer is the Founder and Chief Executive of Live Oak Caregivers. He has over 30 years of business consulting and professional services experience, specializing in business strategy, customer relationship management, and training teams of service providers.

Live Oak Caregivers is dedicated to providing professional in-home caregiving services that promote wellness, dignity, safety, and quality of life while supporting the vital activities of daily living. We strive to deliver the level of care and compassion that we would insist on for our own family members.

-Licensed in Georgia and Tennessee with offices in Atlanta and Chattanooga

-Successfully completed over ONE MILLION hours of caregiving

-160+ of our active caregivers have logged more than 1,000 hours of care for us

-50 of our caregivers have completed 5,000 hours of caregiving

Live Oak Caregivers is NOT a franchise. We are a privately held organization focused on serving families. Having delivered over half a million hours of elderly care to many different clients with varying health and cognitive challenges, we have the experience to care for your loved ones.

To ensure our client's safety, we conduct comprehensive background checks on each of our 300+ caregivers. Our background screening includes criminal record history, motor vehicle history, employment references, education history, TB testing, and sex offender registries. Through comprehensive hiring and training program, we ensure that each of our 300+ caregivers is highly qualified, and demonstrates patience, respect, and encouragement with every client. Our mission is to provide the very best service in the home care industry and help our clients enjoy as much independence as possible while remaining in their own homes.

Prior to Live Oak Caregivers, Bill served as President of Summit Industries, a consumer and healthcare products manufacturing company, and was the Co-Founder of MidtownConsulting Group, a strategic business management consultancy. He also served as Vice President at The North Highland Company, where he led their CRM and Business Intelligence practices in Atlanta, and was a Sr.Manager in Accenture's Strategic Services practice. Prior to attending business school, he served as a Sr. Engineer for Exxon.

Bill grew up in Athens, Georgia, and received his Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and an MBA from the KelloggBusiness School at Northwestern University. Bill and his wife, Sharon, have four children.

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