The Future of Solar Energy with Garrett Mendelsohn

Garrett Mendelsohn / Founder of Solar Bootcamp

October 17, 2023

Guest Bio

Garrett Mendelsohn / Founder of Solar Bootcamp

Garrett brings extensive expertise in the solar industry, with over five years of experience under his belt. His natural talent for solar sales quickly propelled him to the top of his field. Garrett's outstanding performance truly set him apart from his peers as he consistently achieved an impressive average of over 40 appointments per week through his remarkable door-to-door outreach efforts.

After demonstrating exceptional skills as a Setter for four years, Garrett flawlessly shifted in the role of a Closer. Within a year, his incredible success had allowed him to outshine and surpass over 7,000 other representatives, earning him the highest rank in the industry.

Continuing his journey, Garrett embarked on a new chapter by joining a leading solar company, where he continues to thrive and achieve outstanding results. In the current year alone, he has surpassed the significant milestone of 100 sales, showcasing his unwavering commitment to his profession. Always driven to explore new avenues in the solar industry, Garrett established Renewable Energy Pros, a thriving venture specializing in safeguarding solar panels from pigeons. Harnessing his extensive sales experience, Garrett now channels his efforts towards a rapidly growing team dedicated to advancing the solar industry. Additionally, he actively contributes to Better Energy's online solar phone sales course known as Solar Bootcamp.

Embracing innovation, Garrett is also involved in the development of the first-ever e-sports platform for solar enthusiasts - Through his remarkable achievements and dedication, Garrett continues to make significant contributions to the solar industry, while constantly seeking new opportunities for growth and advancement.

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