The Power of invisa-RED Tech

Stephen Reardon / Founder & CEO of invisa-RED

September 12, 2022

Guest Bio

Stephen Reardon / Founder & CEO of invisa-RED

Stephen Reardon started working with red light devices in 2012 and quickly realized that the device's claims to provide patients with fat loss were precisely that, claims with no backing. With his background in personal health and interest in lasers, Stephen saw an opportunity to provide real valuable change to assist patients on their weight loss journeys. After much research, he found the perfect combination of red and infrared lasers for penetrating into the subcutaneous fat, stimulating ATP synthesis, and ultimately burning fat.

This led to the creation of Stephen's first company - True Reflections, a weight loss center in Northwest Atlanta, GA. Where he helped numerous patients finally see weight loss results. After much success, word spread, and Stephen pivoted into replicating the device he created and began selling it to providers and other offices in 2014 under the company invisa-RED Technology.

In 2018, nearly four years later after the creation of the technology, long clinical reviews and trials, invisa-RED™ received its clinicals and FDA 510k, making it the first and only non-invasive - FDA, IRB, and Clinically proven device for weight reduction, fat reduction and inch loss on the market. Since then, invisa-RED™ has been providing life changing results for practices and patients across America.

As invisa-RED has grown to more than 1,200 provider offices nationwide, Stephen has founded other companies such as AES International - a medical diagnostic company, Midnight Rose LLC - a primary care office located in Acworth, GA & The Medical Biz - an MSO company that helps medical providers expand their practices.

Now that the other companies have stabilized after their initial start up, Stephen's career has come full circle as he has begun opening weight loss facilities nationwide under No Sweat USA LLC - using the technology he created & patented for invisa-RED.

Stephen enjoys spending time with his wife - Lauren and two kids Giavonna and Aviana. His hobbies consist of hunting, fishing, shooting sports, and everything outdoors.

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