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Jason Wood / CEO of Specificity

January 23, 2024

Guest Bio

Jason Wood / CEO of Specificity

Meet Jason A. Wood, a dynamic force in digital marketing renowned for his disruptive approach to technology and strategy. As the CEO of Specificity, a cutting-edge digital marketing firm, Jason leads a team dedicated to rewriting the rulebook when it comes to strategy. Specificity is centered around redefining campaign success through innovative technology and understanding the importance of good data.

Specificity goes beyond a typical marketing firm; it's an incubator for digital marketing tech start-ups. With a portfolio of groundbreaking companies, including "Pickpocket," and an upcoming AI audience building tool, they excel at reaching hyper-focused audiences to supercharge client sales while preserving their marketing spend.

Jason Wood's journey is marked by numerous sales awards and entrepreneurial triumphs. A sales visionary, he's achieved remarkable success across industries and now leads Specificity, a company he's even taken public.

In summary, Jason is known for his rapid thinking, ingenious marketing strategies, and advanced tech solutions. Jason is a trailblazer in digital marketing who doesn't just think outside the box; he obliterates the box.

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